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90cmx90cmx90cm builders Bag of Hardwood Logs £55


These logs are produced from hardwood logs cut out of our mature hedgerows as part of our ongoing hedgerow management process. They consist of mainly ash and field maple wood, with a small amount of hawthorn, blackthorn and elm. All were cut in the winter of 2011/12 and thus have had a years seasoning. There are processed using out Bilke S3 log processor (pictured left)and consist of the smaller diameter wood, from 2" up to about 6" in diameter, which the machine shears and splits automatically. As a result the logs are rougher and less precisely cut (pictured left), and there will be both some shorter and longer logs than the 8" average, and some wood chips also. Hence the slightly lower price of £55/bag. They are suitable for both open fires and log burners.


Stock correct as of 20-Dec-2012

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